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Building Your Event Program: 4 Questions That Will Bring Your Content to Life

Attendees enjoying a session at a recent event By Elizabeth Busch Wiese Ask any attendee to list the top highlights of his or her most recent event experience, and you are likely to hear about sessions specific to their industry or job. Maybe they learned a new skill in a workshop or gleaned advice from a keynote speaker that will increase their productivity or boost their selling game. At the core of every meeting or event, it is the content that must shine Yes, splashy locations, big-name speakers, and tasty food can (and do) help, but if the content falls flat, attendees are likely to be pretty grumpy when filling out post-event surveys. Planning events for more than 20 years has taught me that ...

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TES Lands on the Inc. 5000 List For Second Consecutive Year

Recognized for the second consecutive year, The Event Studio is honored to be named to the 2019 Inc. 5000 list. “Our growth is due to our amazing team and clients. They are the backbone of our business!” says Partner Beckie Jankiewicz. According to the renowned publication, “This achievement puts you in rarefied company.” Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Timberland,  LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000. Founded in 2008, The Event Studio (TES) brings inspiration to the table. TES is led by its three co-founders Elizabeth Busch, Beckie Jankiewicz and Anne Frey-Mott who met while building Inc. and Fast Company’s storied event business. They firmly believe live experiences make lasting connections and move business forward, ...

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5 Site-Selection Questions to Ask Every Potential Client

New event planners are often astonished to learn just how much goes into site selection. Choosing the right city and the right venue can serve as a powerful instrument in setting the tone for any gathering. Certain cities can be more attractive to attendees than others for a variety of reasons, as can types of hotels, conference centers, outdoor venues, and other locations once you’re on the ground. Then, of course, there’s the budget conversation. As someone who has been in the events business for more than 20 years—and in 2008 launched The Event Studio with Elizabeth and Beckie—I’ve learned countless valuable lessons in how to match a client with the perfect site. Whether you’re finding something new for ...

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3 Secrets to Staffing Your Events Company

So you’ve decided to start an events company. Congrats! This is an incredibly exciting time—not to mention daunting, harried, and overwhelming. But if you’re anything like most event planners I know, you are making this career choice because you love bringing people together, enjoy the challenge of content creation, and thrive in fast-paced environments. Launching and running an events company is no doubt stressful, but almost always rewarding too. Elizabeth, Anne, and I founded The Event Studio back in 2008, and while we’ve learned many things about how to put on memorable gatherings for companies big and small, we’ve also gained insights into how to build out the best possible team. After all, it’s the right team that helps bring life to any successful event.

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How to Make Attendees Feel Welcome – and Spark Connections – at Your Next Event

Depending on your personality, meetings and events can serve as either super exciting opportunities to socialize professionally—or anxiety-inducing experiences. Even the best events, those with celebrity speakers and open-bar receptions, can bring panic attacks for people who get nervous in groups. An attendee’s initial interaction with event staff—be it at the airport or in the lobby of a hotel or conference center—is incredibly important. And it’s the job of an event planner to ensure that all attendees feel comfortable and welcome. (As if we don’t already have enough on our plates!) I’ve been planning events for decades now, and have seen attendees that revel in the experience, and others who hide in corners, reluctant to socialize.

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How to Turn Small Budgets into Big-Time Events

Every event planner has a little magician in their blood. Ask anyone who’s been in the industry for more than a few years and they will happily tell you how, with impressive creativity and mad improv skills, they’ve managed to pull off splashy events on not-so-splashy budgets. This is incredibly common, and in my opinion, one of the most dynamic parts of the job. I love going into a kickoff meeting with a client, hearing their vision for an event, and getting super excited about all the ways to pull it off.

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