Creative solutions in unique spaces

Creative solutions in unique spaces

Against All Odds Productions

Against All Odds Productions designs and executes large-scale, crowd-sourced global projects that combine compelling storytelling with state-of-the-art technology. The Human Face of Big Data was a launch event designed to support an initiative that put a face on the growing use of data in business and life.

The Event Studio was the key event partner to Against All Odds Productions helping them manage the details of their launch event so their team could stay focused on content creation and promoting the overall initiative. From finding a venue off the beaten path and creating a highly visual experience, TES tapped into the creativity and energy of the AAOP team to create a truly unique experience.

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“Thanks Elizabeth – your team was terrific!!!!!”

Rick Smolan

Former Time, Life, and National Geographic photographer and co-founders of Against All Odds Productions

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