Adding help just where you need it

Adding help just where you need it


Bluewolf partners with clients from multiple industries to attain agile business transformation across people, process, and technology; and to usher in a new level of business responsiveness and achieve efficient and adaptive business performance.

The Event Studio works with Bluewolf to supplement their full time marketing and events team to smoothly execute their many events during the year.

From a core event that is part Incentive and part Leadership Meeting held in locations varying from Mexico, Hawaii, Whistler, and St. Thomas, to 1 day, customer-driven Summit, Bluewolf’s event strategy is wide ranging.  TES  adds expertise to the amazing Bluewolf marketing team to layer select services in and alleviate the pressure of a fast-moving, ever growing event marketing plan. From finding the best locations to onsite execution, our teams meld together for flawless execution and easing the pain of very busy event seasons.

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“From helping us find the perfect location for our meeting to handling all the logistical details in planning and onsite The Event Studio is an amazing partner. They are a great addition to our event team!”

Corinne Sklar

VP Marketing, Bluewolf

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