Keep the customer experience front and center

Keep the customer experience front and center


Genesys is the global omnichannel customer experience and contact center solution leader. Genesys helps companies engage effortlessly with their customers, across all touchpoints, channels, and interactions, to deliver differentiated customer journeys, while maximizing revenue and loyalty.

The Event Studio is one of Genesys’ trusted partners for executing their worldwide user conference, Sales Kick-Off and Club Incentive Trips, as well as other programs. From finding locations for key meetings, to supporting their internal team in all elements of execution, TES and Genesys have a partnership that spans all their needs. TES serves as a trusted resource for the Genesys marketing team to call on whenever they have an event need from helping them find the right location for a small event, to providing a full execution team for a large-scale conference or incentive.

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