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How to Make Attendees Feel Welcome – and Spark Connections – at Your Next Event

Depending on your personality, meetings and events can serve as either super exciting opportunities to socialize professionally—or anxiety-inducing experiences. Even the best events, those with celebrity speakers and open-bar receptions, can bring panic attacks for people who get nervous in groups. An attendee’s initial interaction with event staff—be it at the airport or in the lobby of a hotel or conference center—is incredibly important. And it’s the job of an event planner to ensure that all attendees feel comfortable and welcome. (As if we don’t already have enough on our plates!) I’ve been planning events for decades now, and have seen attendees that revel in the experience, and others who hide in corners, reluctant to socialize.

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How to Turn Small Budgets into Big-Time Events

Every event planner has a little magician in their blood. Ask anyone who’s been in the industry for more than a few years and they will happily tell you how, with impressive creativity and mad improv skills, they’ve managed to pull off splashy events on not-so-splashy budgets. This is incredibly common, and in my opinion, one of the most dynamic parts of the job. I love going into a kickoff meeting with a client, hearing their vision for an event, and getting super excited about all the ways to pull it off.

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