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9 Questions to Ask During Your Next Site Visit

By Anne Frey-Mott AIGA's 2019 Design Conference at the Pasadena Convention Center Choosing the right location for an event is among a planner’s most important responsibilities. For those not in the industry, it can be easy to think site selection comes down to a quick Google search, signing a contract with a hotel or convention center, and a few calls to a catering company. Oh, if only it were that easy! The truth is, site selection is an in-depth process that involves hours of homework, location visits, and dozens of phone calls to make sure everything is in order. I’ve been doing site selections for more than two decades, and find the process both challenging and fun. There is so much creativity that ...

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5 Site-Selection Questions to Ask Every Potential Client

New event planners are often astonished to learn just how much goes into site selection. Choosing the right city and the right venue can serve as a powerful instrument in setting the tone for any gathering. Certain cities can be more attractive to attendees than others for a variety of reasons, as can types of hotels, conference centers, outdoor venues, and other locations once you’re on the ground. Then, of course, there’s the budget conversation. As someone who has been in the events business for more than 20 years—and in 2008 launched The Event Studio with Elizabeth and Beckie—I’ve learned countless valuable lessons in how to match a client with the perfect site. Whether you’re finding something new for ...

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